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You stood by one another, time and time again. Together, you braved dusty roads, bitter cold and blistering heat. Through good times and bad; friends to the end. Come and tell us your "partner in crime" story or your tale of a friendship that never died.
They were real enough when we heard them, and the lights were out with the covers over our heads! What people, places or things in your life were haunted, OR haunted you? Come tell us your ghostly, ghoulish, goblin, poltergeist, bump-in-the-night story!
September 2011
School: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Were you the class clown or teacher’s pet? The nerd or the jock? The rebel without a cause or the goody-two-shoes? From kindergarten through college...and beyond, we all could tell stories out of school. Let’s hear yours.
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Did you ever have a hot, steamy, summer affair? Was the heat sustained, or did your passion subside with the chill of autumn? Perhaps you fell in love with a special place one summer vacation? Or maybe you lost a love during a long, summer separation. Come tell us your story.
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Have you ever experienced one of those moments in life that was so unexpected, so wonderful, so "out-of-the-norm" that it felt like Christmas in July? Maybe it was a soldier coming home early; a lost love was found; or a financial windfall when you needed it most.
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Do you avoid walking under a ladder? Does the phrase, "Step on a crack, break your mother's back" stick in your head? Do you have an innate fear of anything? Come and tell us your story of Fears, Phobias, Good luck, and Bad!