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The Rules
  • Real Stories - All stories must be true, personal stories.
    • Retelling any folktale, myth or fable, literary work or someone else's tale is not permitted.
  • No Additional Aids - The storyteller may not use written notes, props, costumes, or musical instruments.
  • No Poems - unless the poem is original and tells a story.
  • Theme - Your story (not just the title or "punch line") should connect in a meaningful way to the theme.
  • Time - 5 minutes means...5 minutes. There is a 60 second grace period to wind up. Going over 6 minutes disqualifies the teller.
  • Judging - Each story is judged on:
    • How well it is crafted.
    • How well it is told.
    • How well the story explores, connects and/or reveals some truth about the theme.
  • Disregard for any of the rules disqualifies the teller
Additional Rules:
It is part of our mission to bring new people to storytelling.
  • Contestants who have NOT performed in the Great Arizona Story Slam during the current season (running through Spring of 2012) will be put into the NEW TELLERS hat.
  • Contestants who HAVE performed in the Great Arizona Story Slam during the current season will be put into the PREVIOUS TELLERS hat.
  • If there are less than TEN tellers in the NEW TELLERS hat, additional tellers will be chosen, at random, from the PREVIOUS TELLERS hat to equal a total of ten.
  • A slammer who has put their name in the hat 3 consecutive times but has NOT told at the Great Arizona Story Slam in the current season, will get half price admission at their next slam, and their name thrown into the NEW TELLERS hat (OR a guaranteed spot when possible).
    Slammers who fit this category MUST email of their intention to attend and tell at least 3 days prior to the slam.
All rules subject to change.